About Karlyn...

Karlyn has been actively involved in the Sales Industry since 1978. Prior to starting NU-REJIME Plus, our umbrella business management and consulting company where all of our companies reside under, Karlyn wanted to put together an online marketing company called TidalWave2000 and Trends2000. TidalWave2000 taught network marketers how to use the internet, in 1997, to develop an online presence and how to market online to grow their in-home businesses. Trends2000.net is a portal company that we use to direct interested people to our membership coaching and training site, CallTheBizPro.Com .

Karlyn has enjoyed success in many companies to name a few Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Fullerbrush, AmeriPlan, Princess House, Mary Kay, and Aloette Cosmetics, where she ranked third in the nation for sales and recruiting.

Karlyn has enjoyed a high level of success in the sales industry. She earned 3 pink Cadillac’s in four years in the pink car company. Sold over $29,800.00 of products in less than 30 days, over her kitchen table, without a car in a company that was 13 years old in Canada and only five years in California, walking off with their Queen of sales and Queen of recruiting trophies in her first 30 days of business with them. Then working in yet another company, she built an organization in the multiple thousands in only 18 months; generating a healthy six figure income monthly.

Karlyn went on to create her own system for all to use. She showed others how to create multiple streams of income and how to intelligently diversify their incomes.

Karlyn LogoKarlyn Rhodes – Founder: Karlyn has been actively involved in the Sales Industry since 1978. Karlyn has owned many business' and has enjoyed high-level success in her career. She trains, consults, coaches and motivates small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and globally to be all that they can be and provides them with the practical tools to succeed. Karlyn has a very unique training style and makes what may seem difficult – possible! She is a problem solver and extremely creative. Karlyn knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. Visit Karlyn’s coaching membership site to learn more about her and her coaching and training! Click on button below.