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This is the "Registration Area," where you can register to become a Success Club Member. Membership is free! You may want to know why we would do something so crazy as to allow folks to register at no cost.

The reason for free registration is because we are known, since 1998, as the free training company. The Trends2000 Training Center has been offering free training for over 15 years. The pay-off for us is this, if you like our free training and you become a member, you may like the training products and services Karlyn produces and you may also want to purchase a cd training package or a 52 week training series that we are working on now. So, though we offer free training, we also will be offering training products and services that our loyal members will be able to purchase at big discounts.


If you have already registered and know the username and password, then click here to go to the doorway page to gain entrance to the Members Multimedia Center. If you have "NOT" registered please see below.


Below is a "short" list of some of the benefits that our "Success Club Members" will receive:

  1. Substantial discounts on all training packages and offers

  2. Members receive, at no additional charge, all of Karlyn's trainings

  3. Member only access to our multimedia center

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  5. Weekly inspiration; Video's, audio's and more...

  6. Radio Show notification and blog post notifications

  7. The best part it's absolutely FREE to join!

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