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Karlyn is a talented business radio show host, coach and educator. See Karlyn's radio bio and her qualifications below.

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Host of Biz Tips With The Biz Pro Radio Show

Karlyn and Her Qualifications:

Karlyn has over 35 years of experience in the business community and has owned multiple companies. She’s owned her own skin care and cosmetic company, she built an internet marketing/technology company and has built teams in the thousands in the Home Based Business Industry and is a million dollar producer.

Karlyn has trained and coached individual's all over the United States who had a desire to be their own bosses and learn the skills needed to build successful home based businesses.

Some of The Companies Karlyn Has Been Affiliated With:

Karlyn has been involved successfully in companies like Tupperware, Amway, Fuller Brush, Avon, Princes House, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Aloette Cosmetics, American Benefits Plus, The Tax People, TCN, Pro-Step, and Melaleuca.

She has been successful in all the named companies which created the opportunity, opened doors and allowed her to conduct public speaking and training seminars for other sales organizations. Professionals in this field have sought her out for her training and educational systems and know how.

Karlyn has provided training at a corporate level to many corporations like, Stand Up Tax Prep, CSI, TCN, American Benefits Plus and One24 just to name a few.

The Training Center: now known as The Trends2000 Training Center and it actually began in 1998. For years we used as a place where we hosted all of Karlyn's trainings. Karlyn started offering her training for free in 1998 to do two things; first to help and assist those in the home-based business community to succeed in building their own business. Secondly, this helped us to build a following and a reputation of providing practical and useful training and education that anyone can use to assist them in growing their business. Karlyn has a real nuts and bolts approach to business training that has endeared her to her listeners and clients all over the world and throughout the United States.

In 2010 Karlyn wanted to reach a wider audience so, she decided to start her own radio show, "Biz Tips With The Biz Pro on the BlogTalkRadio Network. You can listen to her live show every Tuesday at 3pm PST by going to è .

Where we're going:

Over the last two years we have grown and attracted a significant audience with our radio show and the training that Karlyn has provided to Network Marketing Companies through national conference call training programs.

This year (2012) we made the decision to create this web site and offer to our audience Karlyn's trainings on a FREE membership basis. It is our desire to create a Success Club with Free Membership benefits. Success Club members will receive a variety of benefits on a no charge basis and when Karlyn produces training cd's or mp3 training products we will offer these to our members with deep discounts.

Below is a "short" list of some of the benefits that our "Success Club Members" receive:

  • Discounts on all training packages and offers
  • Members receive at no additional charge all of Karlyn's trainings
  • Member only access to our multimedia center
  • Weekly conference call for our members
  • And much more...

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Karlyn Rhodes - Co-Founder: Karlyn has been actively involved in the Sales Industry since 1978. Karlyn has owned multiple businesses and has enjoyed a high-level of success in her career. She trains, consults, coaches and motivates small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and globally to be all that they can be and provides them with the practical tools to succeed. Karlyn has a very unique training style and makes what may seem difficult - possible! She is a problem solver and extremely creative. Karlyn knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. Visit Karlyn's LinkedIn profile here for a detailed list of her experiences.




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