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Welcome to Melaleuca The Wellness Company!

This series is designed to introduce you to Melaleuca and it's healthier, safer, better for you and your home green products. Did you know we were green when green was just a color?

Month 2:

An Introduction to Melaleuca with Frank L. VanderSloot
In this video, CEO Frank L. VanderSloot describes the unique vision Melaleuca was founded on.
Running Time: 04:58

Preferred Customer Program Overview
As a Melaleuca Preferred Customer you receive valuable benefits including 30%–40% off Melaleuca products, discounts from retail partners, and so much more.
Running Time: 03:58

The Vitality Pack Powered by Oligo
Melaleuca’s Vitality Pack with patented Oligo is unlike any other multivitamin-mineral supplement in the world. See how.
Running Time: 04:47


Our Philosophy on Cleaning
There’s a better way to clean your home and your laundry than the harsh alkalis used by so many grocery store brands.
Running Time: 02:42
Mother Nature / Converting to EcoSense
Why convert your home to Melaleuca’s EcoSense cleaners? Because mothers know a clean life is a better life.
Running Time: 02:57

Month 3:

Quality Products at Competitive Prices
Learn how Melaleuca can afford to use more effective, safer, natural ingredients and still sell our products at reasonable prices.
Running Time: 03:3


Vitality Omega-3s
Find out why Omega-3s are vital to your health and how Melaleuca is making them more accessible.
Running Time: 02:56

Sol-U-Guard Botanical
One way that mothers take care of their families is by protecting them from harmful chemicals found in everyday household products.
Running Time: 02:41


Renew is a revolutionary intensive skin therapy that not only moisturizes but heals your dry skin.
Running Time: 01:37

Month 4:

The Value of Your Melaleuca Membership
Preferred Customer membership in Melaleuca saves you money on better, safer products, and delivers a host of other exclusive benefits.
Running Time: 04:53


Safer for Your Home
Melaleuca cleaning products use the best of science and nature to combine for the safest most effective cleaning. Learn about just a few of our natural solutions to some of the toughest cleaning challenges in your home.
Running Time: 02:22


Even though fiber is essential to help our bodies function properly, most Americans aren’t getting the amount they need.
Running Time: 02:46


Month 5:

GC Control
Learn about GC Control’s natural blood sugar support—and how that support can help you manage your weight.
Running Time: 03:06


Improved fat burning. Increased endurance. Find out how Melaleuca’s patented Access technology can help it happen.
Running Time: 02:18


Sei Bella Overview
True beauty is timeless. It is never far away. Discover Sei Bella, and discover the true beauty found in you.
Running Time: 02:51

Koala Pals Shakeables: the nutrition kids need each day, in a delicious shake they’ll find irresistible.
Running Time: 03:34


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